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On Ashley Madison, Christians, and sloppy statistics

When we present numbers as facts without even checking to see if they’re legit, we’re saying that making a point matters more to us than telling the truth.
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Identifying with Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane

I suspect…like Peter…that I’ve been reacting to events unfolding before me from a spirit of mixed motives and a lack of understanding of how to respond to the progression of God’s plans with an equal measure of grace and truth. Continue reading

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Should Disability Ministry Avoid Discussions of “Political” Issues?

At the same time, we’re called as individual followers of Christ to be agents of redemption in EVERY area of life. We would be abandoning our responsibility to care for the sick and advocate for “the least of these” if we remain silent as our society (through the political process) allocates resources to meet competing needs. Continue reading

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