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The implications of “safe spaces” FROM kids with special needs

The court said the video’s depiction of happy Down syndrome children is “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices.” Continue reading

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Want an easy life? Don’t become a Christian

Do you want an easy life? Stay away from church. Ignore the small, still voice inside you prodding you to serve those around you in the name of Jesus. Continue reading

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What happens when the Christians are driven out of medicine?

Consider the consequences when requirements imposed upon physicians to assist patients requesting help in committing suicide become incompatible with an understanding of the sanctity of life as understood from traditional Biblical teaching and principles… Continue reading

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On Ashley Madison, Christians, and sloppy statistics

When we present numbers as facts without even checking to see if they’re legit, we’re saying that making a point matters more to us than telling the truth.
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Who’s your Ethan?

Who’s your Ethan? Who are the people outside of our Christian bubble who you want to experience the peace and comfort we derive from the knowledge of an amazing future in the presence of our Lord? Continue reading

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Psych meds don’t turn kids into mass murderers

Charleston isn’t about a mental health problem…it’s about an problem with evil. Evil may have won the battle on Wednesday but the Bible is very clear that evil will not win the war. Continue reading

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Are you less likely to be referred to a psychiatrist if your physician is a Christian?

Historic tensions between religion and psychiatry continue to shape the care that patients receive for mental health concerns. Continue reading

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Obsessing on the story…Dave Lynden

The “spiritual autism” that isolates us from others is penetrated, in part, by a story God has weaved into the fabric of our very being. And in that sense, it is not only we who are obsessing over a story, but God who is drawing us in- connecting with us, telling us we are part of the story! Continue reading

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Walk Worthy, Pope Francis!

Pope Francis strikes me as a leader who shares many passions with Christ-followers throughout the disability ministry movement. Our team at Key Ministry wishes him well and will be praying for his success. We’d be honored to support our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere who seek to live out the Gospel through welcoming and including kids with disabilities and their families into into the life of the church. Continue reading

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