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Vangie Rodenbeck’s interview with Dr. G on Mental Illness and the Church…

Steve will be Vangie Rodenbeck’s special guest THIS COMING TUESDAY, MAY 19th, at 12:00 PM Eastern as part of Vangie’s Shaping Special Hearts podcast hosted by CM Connect and sponsored by Standard Publishing. Continue reading

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Some Assembly But No Expertise Required…Vangie Rodenbeck

Time has given me the educational qualifications required to minister to someone quite different than me. As I got to know not only Noah, but the dozen or so other children I began accumulating within our children’s ministry, I built a relationship with each one that led to a rapport which enabled me to appear like an expert in their midst. I looked like an expert, but in all honesty, all I did was love them and get to know each of them. Continue reading

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Rebecca Hamilton live on Thursday…CM Connect, Blog Talk Radio

Listen to Rebecca and Vangie as they dispel popular “myths” related to training volunteers for disability-related ministries and learn about two amazing resources you can use to train and organize volunteers today.
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