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Should you allow someone like Josh Duggar to serve in your children’s ministry?

Am I doing everything I can to protect the children and youth entrusted to my care each week? As a leader in the church and an ambassador for Christ, I need to be able to answer yes to that question, even if I have to answer no to someone who wants to serve with us.
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Jolene Philo…A series of very fortunate events

We wrote Every Child Welcome because this command is not limited to children who will sit quietly at His feet and listen, who color between the lines, who raise their hands and wait to be called upon, and who work at grade level.
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Rebecca Hamilton live on Thursday…CM Connect, Blog Talk Radio

Listen to Rebecca and Vangie as they dispel popular “myths” related to training volunteers for disability-related ministries and learn about two amazing resources you can use to train and organize volunteers today.
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The many types of childhood trauma

As we launch into a series on trauma, a good place to start might be to define what exactly constitutes trauma? Continue reading

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Outwardly Focused Disability Ministry…Guest Blogger Ryan Wolfe

So what does it mean when an individual is placed on a guardian waiting list? It means that this individual has no family, friends or relatives who are willing or able to advocate for this individual. Imagine for a minute what that really means. Often it means that every person in this individual’s life is paid to be there. Imagine how you would feel as a human being if the only people in your life were paid to be there. Think of the isolation, loneliness and vulnerability that you may feel.
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Faces of the Movement…Amy Jacober

In Amy’s presentation, she’ll expound upon her observation that many people find after volunteering with people with disabilities that their own faith not only is strengthened but flourishes. What may begin as a hesitant agreement to “serve others” becomes a life changing experience for all involved. This is good news for those recruiting leaders who may be reluctant thinking that they either not qualified or fearful of what it may do to their faith.
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Guest Blogger: Amy Dolan

Discovering our calling requires that we listen to God’s voice, receive feedback from others, and take note of the patterns in our lives. For Amy, her calling is to care for church leaders who lead children in the church. She’s continually heard God’s voice on this, even on the days she most doubts herself and feels tempted to pursue a new career path. God doesn’t let this her calling go, ever, instead asking her to accept opportunities to live this out. Continue reading

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The Taboo Topic: Medication at Church for Kids With ADHD (Part Two)

The child’s experience in church on a day to day or week to week basis may be highly contingent upon their medication status. Continue reading

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