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Dr. Oren Mason…Wondering what a pill will do to me?

People who don’t have ADHD probably never imagine how much effort goes into the smallest task, the simplest morning routine, nor do they know how frustrating it is to spend that much effort and still do it badly. Continue reading

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A disability is still a disability for kids who aren’t disabled all the time

Many kids and adults experience mental health conditions that substantially limits their ability to participate in church as a major life activity while maintaining reasonably high levels of functioning at school, at work or at home. Continue reading

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Adults with disabilities and church attendance…What does the data say?

We also know that as recently as 2010, an extremely limited data set suggests the burgeoning disability ministry movement hasn’t yet made a statistically significant impact upon church attendance among adults with disabilities. Continue reading

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DSM-5…Parents can have separation anxiety too!

Separation Anxiety Disorder is the most common anxiety disorder among kids ages 12 years and under. Separation Anxiety (along with Selective Mutism) was removed from the category of Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence and included among anxiety disorders. The similarities between separation anxiety and selective mutism and other anxiety disorders led to the decision to include them in this category. Other data leading to the inclusion of separation anxiety was the observation that 0.9-1.9% of adults meet criteria for the condition during any twelve month period.
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Barb Dittrich to host NIGHTLY Tweetchats during Inclusion Fusion 2012!

We’ll be doing a wrap-up Tweetchat EVERY NIGHT throughout the Web Summit from 9:00-10:00 PM Eastern…longer if everyone is having a good time. You’ll have the opportunity to connect and share ideas with many of our Inclusion Fusion Faculty, and interact with other pastors, church staff, volunteers and family members from anywhere in the world.
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