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Why and How Childhood PTSD Is Often Misdiagnosed

Here are some reasons childhood PTSD is often misdiagnosed. Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Pastors, Biblical Counselors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists…Mitzi VanCleve

Those of us who live with these disorders need to be ministered to from all of you. It shouldn’t be an either/or thing but rather a both/and thing. The last thing we need when we are experiencing the pain of our disorder is to be confused or made to feel guilty about where to go for help. Continue reading

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Mental Illness: Too Scared to Share – why most Christians won’t talk About “IT”…Mitzi Van Cleve

I sat completely mute and stunned when mental illness was included in a list of “sins” for which restoration through repentance were possible. Continue reading

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The Front Door…Online Church For Families Impacted By Disabilities

We believe The Front Door represents a new expression of Christian community…an online extension of the local church through which children and families may be introduced to Jesus Christ via technology in environments chosen by their parents and caregivers at times of the day when families impacted by disability may be more receptive to teaching and discipleship. Continue reading

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DSM-5…Parents can have separation anxiety too!

Separation Anxiety Disorder is the most common anxiety disorder among kids ages 12 years and under. Separation Anxiety (along with Selective Mutism) was removed from the category of Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence and included among anxiety disorders. The similarities between separation anxiety and selective mutism and other anxiety disorders led to the decision to include them in this category. Other data leading to the inclusion of separation anxiety was the observation that 0.9-1.9% of adults meet criteria for the condition during any twelve month period.
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Be Not Anxious…”Doing Church” With Separation Anxiety or Panic Disorder

Today, we’ll continue our look at challenges church participation poses for children and teens with anxiety disorders by discussing specific situations likely to cause distress for kids with separation anxiety and panic disorder.
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