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The mental health needs of kids in foster care

If 60-85% of kids in foster care have significant mental health conditions, is your church prepared to welcome those kids and teens into your existing children’s and youth ministry programming?
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One mother’s journey…adoption and psychotropic medication

For my family, psychotropic medication provided a critical tool on the road to get her to where she is today, at a time when we desperately needed it, but it was neither a simple nor problem-free tool to use. Continue reading

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Hot Topics: Is Antipsychotic Medication Safe for Kids?

Among the classes of medication commonly used for kids and teens with mental health disorders, I’m most concerned about the potential long-term safety risks associated with the use of antipsychotics.
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Hot Topics: New Data on Foster Kids and Medication

The proportion of children in foster care who were prescribed psychotropic drugs remained much higher than all Medicaid-­‐enrolled children. Continue reading

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Foster Kids and Medication

My purpose in writing this is to help parents and churches go into foster care ministry with their eyes open. Foster care ministry is an incredibly noble calling. Lots of kids are on way too much medication with way too many side effects with problems for which medication is likely to be of little benefit. Unfortunately, the implication of the 20/20 report that loving parents and the absence of medication will generally lead to happy endings for kids in foster care with problems that led to psychiatric referrals is at the very least incredibly naive, and at worst, a deliberate misrepresentation of reality. Continue reading

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