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Ten Ways Churches Can Support Parents of Kids With Special Needs

Jolene did a wonderful talk on the topic Ten Ways Churches Can Support Parents of Kids With Special Needs for last year’s Web Summit (click on the link above to download her slides). Feel free to share this talk with others, and if you’re interested in more resources like Jolene’s presentation, click the link in the last paragraph for FREE registration to this year’s Inclusion Fusion 2012, scheduled from November 12th-16th. Continue reading

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Book Review…Different Dream Parenting

Jolene Philo’s book is an invaluable help to parents and caregivers seeking to do their very best to serve their child with special needs. Her book can serve as an “adjunct left brain” when the emotions and decisions parents need to process become too much to handle. Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Jolene Philo…Back to the Basics

As I interviewed parents and compiled their stories, one thing became very clear. The families who coped most successfully were those who had gone from viewing their children’s special needs as burdens to seeing them as blessings. The basics of an effective support system can help lift a family’s burdens and be an integral part of that necessary transformation. Continue reading

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An Inclusive Movement

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve continued to have experiences that reinforce how important it is for Key Ministry to actively seek out other ministries and leaders who are passionate about sharing Christ’s love with families of kids with disabilities, to offer to support and network those ministries and leaders, and to share our platforms with them in order to assist them in expanding the impact of their ministries. Continue reading

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