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What the church can learn from a basketball game

What would our churches look like if we valued the gifts and talents of all of our members and celebrated the work accomplished by the Holy Spirit through them in the way that Louisville High School demonstrated to two of their athletes? Continue reading

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Defining Brokenness

Brokenness is the experience of pain, suffering and despair used by God to remove our sense of self-sufficiency, deepen our dependency upon Him and prepare us for meaningful service in His Kingdom. Continue reading

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Making Sense of Brokenness

A cursory overview of Scripture suggests that profound and repeated experiences of brokenness appear to be a prerequisite for those used by God to accomplish great things. I’m hoping that readers of this blog and those coming to be a part of the events on April 3 will come away from the experience with a better understanding of God’s purposes in exposing us to times of profound despair, heartache and helplessness. Continue reading

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