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10 ways to be a safe church for sexual assault survivors

How can our churches be safe places for survivors like me, even those who will never disclose their stories? Continue reading

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What is child abuse: Definitions, signs, and symptoms

Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect isn’t rare, even if we wish it were. This matters. Continue reading

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One request from a survivor of childhood abuse

If someone had taken action when I first disclosed my circumstances instead of dismissing my words because my family seemed fine, I believe it would have made a world of difference in my life. Continue reading

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Should you allow someone like Josh Duggar to serve in your children’s ministry?

Am I doing everything I can to protect the children and youth entrusted to my care each week? As a leader in the church and an ambassador for Christ, I need to be able to answer yes to that question, even if I have to answer no to someone who wants to serve with us.
Continue reading

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When we talk about the Duggars, who is listening?

If a mom, dad, or teen in your church feels like their family is falling apart because of a dark secret, will your words on this topic invite them to trust you or to stay silent? Will what you say or post on social media tell them you will love them in the midst of their messiness? Continue reading

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