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What is child abuse: Definitions, signs, and symptoms

Unfortunately, child abuse and neglect isn’t rare, even if we wish it were. This matters. Continue reading

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One request from a survivor of childhood abuse

If someone had taken action when I first disclosed my circumstances instead of dismissing my words because my family seemed fine, I believe it would have made a world of difference in my life. Continue reading

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Childhood PTSD Symptoms in Tots, Teens, and In Between

Symptoms of childhood PTSD change as children mature. Behavioral clues and symptoms in a 2-year-old will be different from those of an 8-year-old, and the 8-year-old’s symptoms may be markedly different from those of an 17-year-old. Continue reading

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The myth that love is always enough…

Sadly, love isn’t always enough, and the implication that it is (or should be) with kids exposed to trauma or neglect is as destructive as the myth that mental illness is caused by a problem with sin or inadequate faith.
Continue reading

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Why are thousands of toddlers receiving ADHD medication?

Why would a two or three year old NEED medication for ADHD?
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Holistically Serving the Adopted/Foster Child…Inclusion Fusion Library

In the video, she shares some of her experiences dealing with the emotional struggles of adopted and foster children as they adjust to the reality of becoming part of a new family. She did a great job of describing how the adverse childhood experiences of kids available for adoption and foster care contribute to difficulties “doing church” and shares helpful strategies for church staff and volunteers who interact with them at church. Continue reading

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DSM-5: Rethinking Reactive Attachment Disorder

There are many reasons why children adopted from orphanages and children in foster care frequently exhibit severe problems with conduct and emotional self-regulation. Effects of trauma and neglect upon brain development combined with genetic and environmental influences appear to be responsible in most instances…as opposed to a primary attachment disorder. Continue reading

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Outward Focused Inclusion Ministry…Ryan Wolfe on Ensuring Justice

I have sat beside and talked with people who have been abused in institutions. I have looked in the eyes of people who have been neglected by group home staff. These statistics and news stories are not just happening in other places around the world or even in third world countries, they are happening right around me. Somehow I knew that this was unacceptable. But what really could the church do about this? Continue reading

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