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Top Posts and Coming Attractions

We continue to expand our worldwide following …since late February, our blog has been accessed by persons from 108 different countries, from every continent except Antarctica. Continue reading

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Church4EveryChild…2011 in Review

Some interesting stats from 2011…

Readers from at least 27 different countries accessed the blog in 2011.

Every continent was represented, except for Antarctica.

Blog traffic for the fourth quarter in 2011 was increased 377% compared to the same quarter in 2010. Thanks for your support!

The most viewed post was Special Needs and Divorce…What Does the Data Say? The page views for this post were nearly double that of the second most-viewed post.
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Building from a pretty good first year

When we conceptualized this blog, our intent was to help folks in the church understand common emotional and behavioral conditions that hinder kids and their families from connecting in a local church where they can come to faith or grow in faith in Christ. We wanted to develop a resource to help the church understand the “what” and the “why” of hidden disabilities, with Katie’s complimentary blog addressing the practical “how” of including kids with hidden disabilities into ministry environments. As our first year of the blogs draws to a close, we’re pondering ways to improve upon the foundation we’ve established. Continue reading

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