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6 tips on how to help a friend with depression…Gillian Marchenko

Don’t judge or assume that if your friend can’t ‘pull her life together’ then she just isn’t trying hard enough. Depression isn’t laziness or a lack of faith. It is a disease that requires treatment and care. Continue reading

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5 Practical Tips for Young Adults with Autism Seeking Employment…Ron Sandison

Twenty-six million Americans with disabilities are of working age. Every year an additional 50,000 young adults with autism diligently search and struggle for employment. Many of these young adults experience chronic under-employment and unemployment. These practical tips can empower your child for employment and independence. Continue reading

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What about us? A sibling to kids with disabilities shares her needs

I came up with a list of three things parents can do to make sure their kids without special needs feel just as important as their siblings with special needs. Continue reading

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