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What about us? A sibling to kids with disabilities shares her needs

I came up with a list of three things parents can do to make sure their kids without special needs feel just as important as their siblings with special needs. Continue reading

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The four kinds of special needs found in children in adoptive and foster families

Let’s not do that again, church. Let’s say no to any action or lack of action that tells any person, “You’re not welcome here” or “Our church is only for those who look, act, behave, feel, or act like I do.” Continue reading

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Growing up with a sibling with special needs…Inclusion Fusion Library

Colleen Swindoll-Thompson asked her adult children to speak on the challenges siblings experience when a brother or sister experiences a disability. Siblings are often forgotten, judged, misunderstood, and suffer many challenges. Colleen’s children (Ashley, Austin and Cody) shared their experiences growing up with a brother with significant special needs. Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month…What about the siblings?

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few resources focusing on siblings of kids with special needs, along with a wonderful resource from the Key Ministry website. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…The Swindoll Family

When our team had the opportunity to visit Insight For Living to film Chuck’s Swindoll’s keynote presentation, I was most impressed by Chuck’s family.
Continue reading

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