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Key Ministry plans to “Speak Up for Kids”

Key Ministry is pleased to be participating in “Speak Up for Kids,” a nationwide education campaign during National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (May 1-7, 2011) to raise awareness about psychiatric and learning disorders in children. Continue reading

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Who’s Missing?

After you get home from church, I want to challenge you to ponder something beyond which family at church won the fashion show. (Don’t ask me how I know about that one…let he who is without sin cast the first stone.) Consider this…Who wasn’t there? Do you have friends and neighbors who couldn’t come to church because their kids have emotional, behavioral or developmental issues that make church attendance and participation nearly impossible. Continue reading

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Fifty is Nifty

I’d like to publicly thank God for being faithful to his promises and giving me the opportunity for such a great life. Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”…Takeaway Points

When church leaders consider the opportunity to minister to and influence parents and siblings who otherwise miss out on the benefits of a local church, the potential impact of an inclusive family ministry on the surrounding community becomes readily apparent. Continue reading

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Special Needs and Divorce: What Does the Data Say?

New data…Older siblings who can assist in caregiving may play an important role in maintaining family stability and It’s less stigmatizing to have a child with an autism spectrum disorder than it is to have one with a psychiatric disorder. Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”…Kids With Disabilities Present the Church With a Unique Opportunity

One of the reasons churches shy away from serving kids with disabilities is the concern that large numbers of volunteers may be needed for a ministry that can be labor-intensive. But what if churches could reach a large, underserved population of families in their immediate communities while offering students the opportunity to engage in meaningful ministry experiences? Continue reading

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The Blessings of Technology

Up to now, the scope of our ministry has been limited by the ability of trainers to take time away from their families and work responsibilities to travel to churches and church conferences and the costs involved with travel and producing resources to be shared with the churches we serve. Because of the resources that folks like Jeremy Collins have developed, our team can make our training, consultation, resources and support available, free of charge, to churches everywhere. Continue reading

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Thinking “Orange”: Catalysts for Spiritual Growth For Kids With…and Without Disabilities

What if a kid has a significant emotional, behavioral or developmental disorder that makes it more difficult to participate in the program or stick with the program? Here are ten suggestions…some are demonstrably effective, some are still working hypotheses based upon 25 years of experience as a clinician and many years of active involvement in churches. All of these suggestions are applicable to any kid or family being served by your church, and are applicable to kids with and without identified disabilities: Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Day: Guest Blogger Colleen Swindoll

Insight for Living is among the most prominent Christian organizations to champion the cause of kids with special needs and their families. Chuck Swindoll has dedicated broadcasts to addressing the spiritual needs of parents raising kids with emotional, behavioral, developmental or physical disabilities. His family has had firsthand experience with the topic. His youngest daughter (Colleen) is raising a son who has been diagnosed with autism. Continue reading

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Resources on Autism for Church Staff and Volunteers

I’d like to share three excellent ministry or educational resources with our friends who currently serve on staff or volunteer in churches with an interest in becoming better equipped to welcome and include kids with autism spectrum disorders and their families.
Continue reading

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