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Inclusion Fusion…How You Can Help

Consider this…Don’t we live in a pretty amazing time when a bunch of folks who are passionate about wanting to see families of kids with special needs come to know and love Jesus Christ can put on an event in which any church leader, volunteer or parent anywhere in the world who shares the same passion and has access to the Internet through a computer, tablet or smart phone can join in? That’s Inclusion Fusion. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion…The Special Needs Ministry Web Summit

Inclusion Fusion will be a FREE, worldwide web conference to equip churches to more effectively minister to families of kids with disabilities. The conference is an opportunity for Christ followers everywhere to come together to share ideas and resources to advance the movement among Christ-honoring churches to serve, welcome and include families of kids with disabilities. Inclusion Fusion is being made available free of charge, to ensure the participation of as many church leaders, volunteers and families as possible.
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Harmony Hensley: God’s Grace in the Voice Mail

I listened to the message again and just smiled. I was reminded that sometimes in ministry we get so caught up in the litany of tasks and events that we execute that we lose sight of the real impact they have on those we serve. The Prom isn’t just a party. It’s a night where the playing field is level, the kingdom advances, and a people who have been marginalized and often forgotten are celebrated. So it only makes sense that our friends would begin counting down the days for their next dance the moment the DJ stops the music. They thirst for the same thing you and I do – to belong. Continue reading

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Information Overload

One of the downsides of this proliferation of ministry content and resources is the danger that ministries can get into an escalating “arms race” in which leaders feel they need to promote more and more content in overlapping social networks in an effort to be heard above the “noise” caused by the volume of social media available. There’s also a risk of churches and parents who want to start ministry initiatives becoming paralyzed by the range of resources available to them through what’s referred to as choice overload theory. I think it’s also easy for ministry leaders to get so caught up in keeping up with social media and measuring success in terms of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and website hits that we lose sight of the ultimate goal…sharing God’s love with the people around us in such a way that those people are drawn to Jesus. Continue reading

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