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Introducing Inclusion Fusion Speaker…Ryan Edlind

To that end, I’m delighted to introduce Ryan Edlind, our first Inclusion Fusion speaker to volunteer a presentation to the conference without having received a formal invitation from our Program Committee. Ryan will be presenting on the topic Church and Mental Health: Bridging the Gap from a Leadership Perspective.
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Guest Post: Harmony Hensley…Prom Thoughts

In this new role as a “Mommy” I find myself praying a lot about the people who will cross paths with Ransom over the course of his life. I pray daily that there will be countless other believers, warriors in the Kingdom of God, who will come alongside him and speak life into him. That they will enter into his story and see God at work in his life. I imagine for every smiling face that is greeted curbside there is a Mom or Dad out there who hopes and prays for the same thing for their child with special needs. And I know that God is looking down on each of them beaming with pride “That’s my kid!” (I can just hear him say it!)
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Inclusion Fusion: Joe and Cindi Ferrini

Noted authors, speakers and parents Joe and Cindi Ferrini have graciously agreed to join us for Inclusion Fusion. Joe and Cindi will be speaking on the topic…The Unexpected Journey of Relationships – When Special Needs Change our Course! Continue reading

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When Mood Dysregulation Heightens Risk for Aggression at Church

Here’s a general rule of thumb…When a child or teen is demonstrating aggressive behavior that appears to be predominantly impulsive in nature, decreasing the sensory stimulation in the environment is generally helpful. When a child or teen demonstrates aggressive behavior resulting primarily from perseveration on a perceived hurt or frustration, distracting the child as early as possible in the cycle is generally helpful. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers: Harmony Hensley on Inclusive Ministry Environments

In Harmony’s workshop, she’ll explore ways to create inclusive ministry environments that engage and empower children with hidden disabilities. Participants will learn practical tips to make your ministry area a magnet for families of kids with special needs. Continue reading

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When are kids most at risk of aggressive behavior at church?

Most kids who display aggressive behavior serious enough in terms of frequency and/or severity to be of concern to church staff and volunteers will meet the criteria for one or more mental health or developmental disorders. Nevertheless, children’s and youth ministry staff and volunteers need to take steps to minimize antecedents to aggressive behavior without specific information about a child’s diagnosis or treatment. Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Amanda Mooney

This session will help participants see and explore ways to include children with special needs in existing church programs, develop action steps for launching new programming while working within the curriculum or catechesis requirements of their church or Diocese. Participants will come away with concrete ideas, action steps and resources to start ministry in their local church. Continue reading

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Batting Second for Inclusion Fusion: Katie Wetherbee

Katie Wetherbee, Key Ministry’s Director of Education will be presenting on the topic of Advocating for Your Child at Church.

Parents of children with special needs spend countless hours advocating for health and educational support. Advocating for a child at church presents a whole new set of challenges…and some parents find that by Sunday, they’re just too worn out…it’s just easier to stay home. In Katie’s session, she’ll examine ways to understand a church’s culture, discuss methods of positive, proactive communication, and identify strategies for making church a successful experience for all involved. Continue reading

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Why do kids become aggressive?

One contributing factor to aggressive behavior you can influence as a ministry leader is the environment in which your kids worship, learn and serve at church. You want to consider how you can create environments that help all kids to maximize their capacity to use all of their cognitive resources for the best possible experience at church.
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Introducing our Inclusion Fusion Speakers: Libby Peterson

We’ll be introducing you to some of the outstanding speakers and leaders taking part in this year’s inaugural Inclusion Fusion in the weeks leading up to the Special Needs Ministry Web Summit. Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce Libby Peterson, Director of Family Ministries at Bay Presbyterian Church in Bay Village, Ohio.
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