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I can attest that our work would be impossible without the time and talent of Board members, staff and volunteers who themselves are being actively treated for a mental health condition or have a child (or multiple children) receiving treatment. Life for each of them is not without bumps in the road, but yet they serve magnificently. Continue reading

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The sins of psychiatry…and psychology

“It seems reasonable to conclude that the institutions of psychiatry and psychology (and many practitioners of those disciplines) have conducted themselves in a manner to betray the trust of church leaders, especially those leaders who adhere to traditional interpretations of Scripture. I’d hypothesize that one manifestation of the collateral damage resulting from this “falling out” between the church and the mental health community is the lack of understanding in the church as to how to most effectively minister to individuals and families impacted by mental illness.” Continue reading

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When church leaders talk about mental illness, spiritual evil and demons…

We have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when telling people who approach the church for help that they have a sin problem (after all, we ALL have a sin problem!) when they truly have a mental health problem. Continue reading

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I’m not like “those kids”

The kids (and their families) are exquisitely sensitive to perceptions of being “different” from everyone else. This is a key reason why they don’t fit into most “special needs ministry” models and why they’re inclined to avoid “programs” that draw attention to their differences. Continue reading

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The top four reasons for attending…or hosting the Front Door Church

Do you want to do something you’ve never done before to reach people who have never been reached before with the saving message of Christ? Do you enjoy communicating and connecting with others? Is there a group of people that you could extend an invitation to join you at online church? Do you feel comfortable sharing spontaneous prayer with and for others? Is there a time of day that works best for you where you sense others would join you at online church? Do you have access to a computer and feel capable with Facebook? These simple requirements make you the perfect host! Continue reading

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Updated: Families impacted by depression…How can the church help?

Society still places a stigma on mental illness, but Christians make it worse, he said, by “over-spiritualizing” depression and other disorders — dismissing them as a lack of faith or a sign of weakness. Continue reading

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Invitation to Speakers…Inclusion Fusion 2014

It’s time again for us to offer an invite to any member of our larger family in Christ with excellent ideas to contribute to the field of disability ministry to serve as a presenter for Key Ministry’s Inclusion Fusion Disability … Continue reading

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We all want to be chosen…

People who struggle with mental illness (or their caregivers) very much want to be pursued. For someone to recognize that they have value. Isn’t that the mission of the church? Aren’t we the hands and feet of the Savior who pursues the lost sheep? Don’t we serve a God who chose us and is lavish in the grace he extends to us? Continue reading

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Save the dates for Inclusion Fusion 2014!

Inclusion Fusion is a worldwide web-based conference to resource ministry to families impacted by disabilities. The conference is an opportunity for Christ followers everywhere…pastors, church staff, volunteers, parents and caregivers to come together in cyberspace to share ideas and resources for the purpose of advancing the disability ministry movement.
Continue reading

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Missio Dei

How might the way you do special needs ministry beyond the walls of your church be affected by recapturing the sense of being sent? Continue reading

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