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Seven ways to support kids with anxiety about the coronavirus

What can parents do to support the mental health of their kids amidst talk of the coronavirus in the weeks and months ahead? Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…Embracing the brokenness with unconditional love

God has created and equipped you to become the warrior, protector, provide, encourager, and equipper for your children and your family too. Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…How do you overcome becoming a vacant dad?

But there is another type of vacant dad. And he is just as dangerous and as likely to occur. That’s the dad who is still in the household, but he is not engaged, he’s not involved, and he’s not actively fulfilling his roles and responsibilities to his family. He’s a vacant dad too. And he’s just as guilty as the dad who walks out on his family. He’s walked out as well, in every way but physically.
Continue reading

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Is the drive for success in Christian families making our kids sick?

As Christians, we’re increasingly called to lead countercultural lives in embracing values very different than those embraced in the society in which we live. Shouldn’t our kids be “different” in their prevalence of anxiety-related illness and disability compared to their peers? Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…The five roles of a father of a child with special needs

God has placed the special needs dad on a mission. Choose to accept it and you’ll find fulfillment and the purpose for your life. Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson, Christians and corporal punishment…

Do we as a Christian community want to allow the issue of whether corporal punishment is required by Scripture to define us when the potential exists for the issue to become a stumbling block to others who might be considering the claims of Christ? Continue reading

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A child psychiatrist’s discomfort with the Adrian Peterson case

If we’re establishing a standard that parents implicated in situations like the Peterson case are going to be deprived of their livelihoods and due process rights, society will be creating a tremendous disincentive for those experiencing domestic violence to seek professional (or in many locations, spiritual) help, because all states have mandatory reporting requirements for professionals, and in 27 states, the legal mandate to report extends to clergy. Continue reading

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