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Caring for our neighbors in a COVID-19 mental health crisis

Here’s why I’d recommend Psychological First Aid to any pastor or church leader interested in quickly building capacity to care for large numbers of hurting people during the pandemic. Continue reading

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Are some lives more valuable than others? Seniors, the disabled and the terminally ill

Are all lives equally valuable? Continue reading

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Flattening the curve of the COVID-19 mental health epidemic to come

What can we do now to mitigate the mental health impact of steps being taken to control spread of the virus? Continue reading

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Seven ways to support kids with anxiety about the coronavirus

What can parents do to support the mental health of their kids amidst talk of the coronavirus in the weeks and months ahead? Continue reading

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Disability ministry and the coronavirus

We might look at this crisis as presenting a great opportunity to share the love of Christ with the disability community during a time of need while showing families who are already part of the church the extent to which they are cared for and valued. Continue reading

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