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How dads are impacted when kids have disabilities

You may silently grieve the loss of aspirations you had for your child as well as your inability to share experiences with your child that you dreamed of doing together. Continue reading

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Whose dreams were they anyway?

Every child has a destiny. Every child has a pre-destined path God lays out for their lives. That means we must surrender our own thoughts and opinions on what that destiny is, so that their lives (and ours) can be about His glory.
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Jeff Davidson…The five roles of a father of a child with special needs

God has placed the special needs dad on a mission. Choose to accept it and you’ll find fulfillment and the purpose for your life. Continue reading

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One father’s spiritual legacy…

He made quite an impression on my wife when he was excited after he was told he had a heart attack because to him it meant he was getting closer to meeting Jesus. Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…No More Peanut Butter Sandwiches

At first, it was difficult coming to terms with laying down my dreams. Like any special-needs dad, it’s hard emotionally to reach the point where you realize the dreams, goals, and plans you had for your child aren’t going to happen the way you hoped. But whose dream was it anyway? It wasn’t God’s dream. Continue reading

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Need Project podcast spotlights Key Ministry, hidden disabilities

In my conversation with Bob, we discussed the state of mental health care in the U.S., explored the reasons why kids with mental illness aren’t typically served in the context of existing disability ministries, examined some of the struggles churches experience in serving those with hidden disabilities and shared strategies some churches are utilizing to reach families impacted by disabilities lacking meaningful involvement with a local church. Continue reading

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Jeff Davidson…Help Wanted

I wish the 30-year old dad of the newborn son I once was could have known the 47-year old dad of a sixteen year old son with special needs that I am now. I could say, “Listen I’ve been where you are. Your life didn’t just end. In fact, this is only the beginning of the most amazing ride of your life. God is going to teach you and reveal things to you that you can’t even imagine.” Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month…New blog series and more!

I’ll be doing a miniseries on The Evidence for Complimentary and Alternative Treatments for Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorders. Continue reading

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How Dads are Impacted When Kids Have Disabilities

Last year, an interesting study was presented at the International Society For Autism Research suggesting that over 30% of fathers of teens and young adults with autism experience symptoms of depression significant enough to warrant clinical attention. Continue reading

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Continuing a father’s legacy…

While my dad wasn’t around for as long as I would have hoped, we had the opportunity to work together on activities that helped advance the Gospel. But what about families who don’t know Jesus because of the social isolation and barriers to church participation that result when one or more children in the family experience a significant disability? Continue reading

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