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Thankful for the opportunity to serve…

In my day job as a physician, I have the opportunity to do work of significance. The work we get to do through Key Ministry will have eternal significance. Continue reading

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Counting Our Blessings!

Our team at Key Ministry (and me personally) have lots to be thankful for in 2011! In the last ten days, we had our major Board meeting for the year and an opportunity to plan ahead in earnest for 2012. In the process of working on our Annual Report, I decided to develop a list of the top ten ministry-related blessings we’ve experienced in the past year. This was a great exercise-I had a very hard time choosing just ten. God’s been exceedingly gracious to us over the past year! Here goes…
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Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You

The competition for “pulpit time” or exposure in a bulletin at some churches is more intense that the competition for cheap TVs on Black Friday at Best Buy. Nevertheless, using the holidays when families of kids with “issues” are most likely to try to make some connection with church as a means of conveying welcome is a great strategy for inviting future connections. What better way to say “I love you” than to welcome families to a church where they can explore the claims of the Child born in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago? Continue reading

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