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Connecting with the Community: Stepping Outside the Church to Grow Your Ministry

Recently, our church was the first host site for a Guinness World Record attempt for creating the world’s largest fingerprint painting aimed at raising awareness for playgrounds that are accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.
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Spiritual growth in kids…what does the research say?

What steps would I take as a parent if I want to increase the likelihood that my kids are going to grow up to be mature Christians, actively engaged in a local church and using their gifts and talents in serving others? Continue reading

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The secret to launching a missional special needs ministry

But BIG is not always better…or most effective for creating a missional movement into the disability community. Continue reading

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Belong to Believe…Libby Peterson

We need a new paradigm to reach those families OUTSIDE the church whose lives are shaped by the special needs of their child. We must find ways to BUILD relationships, enter each other’s realities and BRING them into some expression of Christian community – inviting them to BELONG so that they might come to BELIEVE. Continue reading

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What our families experience…The “Bad Kid Fort”

“Instead of sending him out of the room or any other myriad of options, she fashioned a large cardboard box and placed the box around his seat, completely enclosing him, in front of 30 of his peers,” Dean said.

Dean alleges the teacher wrote “bad kid fort” on the outside of the box while he was in it. She has a picture of the alleged fort on her Facebook page. It was sent to her by a student who saw it the hallway and snapped a photo. Continue reading

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Outwardly Focused Disability Ministry…Guest Blogger Ryan Wolfe

So what does it mean when an individual is placed on a guardian waiting list? It means that this individual has no family, friends or relatives who are willing or able to advocate for this individual. Imagine for a minute what that really means. Often it means that every person in this individual’s life is paid to be there. Imagine how you would feel as a human being if the only people in your life were paid to be there. Think of the isolation, loneliness and vulnerability that you may feel.
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Chairman’s Choices-Inclusion Fusion Day Four…Being Missional

I’ll jump right in to my viewing recommendations for today, with an emphasis on developing relationships with families of kids with disabilities who aren’t currently a part of our churches… Continue reading

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Everything you need to join the movement!

Our FREERESPITE manual provides a comprehensive resource to churches seeking to offer high quality respite care. Continue reading

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