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Life with depression is not a waste

God intimately knows the days I can’t function. Regardless if they are lost to me, they are not lost to him. He is not unaware of my numbed mind and aching limbs crawling towards the next minute. No, he is right there with me. He is sovereign. He is the one providing the next patch of light in my life. Even if his purpose escapes me, purpose exists nonetheless. Continue reading

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How God is using our Psalm 139 video to change law…Ryan Wolfe

God has made all of us “wonderfully.” God has made each of us a “work or art.” God has made each of us on purpose for a purpose.
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Am I to blame for this happening?

Does God really have a plan and a purpose for your child’s life? Did God really allow this because he intended to use our circumstances for His glory?
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What does the Bible say about abortion and disability?

But as we examine all the passages relating to disability and life, one message stands out: we can do hard things because of great Love. Amen. Continue reading

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