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Mental health, children, youth and the church

Our team at Key Ministry is delighted to be partnering with Fresh Hope and long-time friend of our ministry Colleen Swindoll-Thompson for a special day of dialogue and conversation regarding the mental health needs of children, youth and families in the church. Continue reading

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Sensory processing as a barrier to “doing church”

Ministry environments that some kids find engaging may be experienced as noxious by children with heightened reactivity to sensory stimulation. Let’s consider the range of potential situations that would present challenges to families of kids with sensory processing difficulties. Continue reading

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Casseroles, church, and the stigma of kids with mental illness

We, as church, also have a remarkable opportunity to share the love of Christ with many families who, because of stigma, may be too embarrassed to let us know when they are in need. Continue reading

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Building a bigger movement…

Because many churches that are effectively reaching unchurched people are very gifted at creating welcoming ministry environments, I could easily envision a role for them in serving kids with more subtle or hidden disabilities…kids with conditions that are disabling in some, but not all environments. Kids with disabilities that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as having “special needs.” Kids with parents who may not have done well in more traditional church environments. Continue reading

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Kids With Aggressive Behavior…Is it Ever OK for a Church to Say No?

So when should kids at risk for severe aggression be asked to stay home? Schools have guidelines for parents about when they should keep children home to prevent other kids from getting sick. When are other kids, church staff and volunteers at risk of being harmed by kids prone to aggression?

If the parent(s) can’t manage the child’s behavior safely at home
When a foreseeable event has transpired at home (changes/lapses in medication used to control aggressive behavior, marked escalation of behavior while transitioning/preparing to leave for church) or at church (changes from the norm in environment/availability of appropriately trained staff or volunteers familiar to the child) increasing the child’s risk of aggressive behavior.
Continue reading

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