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Lorna Bradley…Hope for Healthy Relationships

One of the greatest gifts parents who are overwhelmed can receive is the knowledge that they are not alone. The relationships that come through meeting others on the same journey provide meaningful connections and support. Continue reading

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Weekend reading

I’d like to share some suggested reading in the event you missed these posts the first time around… Continue reading

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On a personal note…

Churches can be pretty harsh and critical places. But they can also be places where we can find affirmation, encouragement and acceptance. Over the last couple of years, there were some times that I drove a considerable distance to go back and visit a church I’d belonged to in the past to spend time with people who knew me and appreciated me anyway. Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Mike Woods: C3: COMFORT, Confirm, Challenge

One of the primary outcomes for each team member in our Special Friends Ministry is to develop relationships with each and every child and adult with special needs that we minister to. The process that we use to develop a relationship is called C3 (Comfort, Confirm, Challenge) and is derived from the many interactions between Jesus and people with disabilties in the Gospels. Continue reading

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