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Should a Parent of a Child With Special Needs Run For President?

I’m not expressing an opinion about Mr. Santorum’s candidacy one way or another. But he and his family deserve the respect to make decisions about how best to serve while raising a child with special needs. He also deserves to be judged by the voters on the basis of his leadership ability, character, judgment and ideas and not by uninformed perceptions of how a parent of a child with special needs should be spending their time.
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Church4EveryChild…2011 in Review

Some interesting stats from 2011…

Readers from at least 27 different countries accessed the blog in 2011.

Every continent was represented, except for Antarctica.

Blog traffic for the fourth quarter in 2011 was increased 377% compared to the same quarter in 2010. Thanks for your support!

The most viewed post was Special Needs and Divorce…What Does the Data Say? The page views for this post were nearly double that of the second most-viewed post.
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Another New Resource…My “Professional” Facebook Page

With the beginning of the New Year, I’m launching a new Facebook page to serve as an educational resource for families served by our practice, educators, my professional colleagues and anyone with interest in mental health and developmental disorders impacting children, adolescents and families.
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The Game Plan for 2012

Unlike our pitiful, hometown excuse for an NFL team, our team has a solid game plan for the year ahead…not to mention an infinitely better Coach. Here’s a peek at our goals for 2012-goals worthy of a tenth anniversary celebration next December! Continue reading

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