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The Gifts I’d Like to Give…Encouragement

A big reason why we do what we do at Key Ministry is that I want all families, especially families struggling with the challenges of a child with a significant disability, to have a place to go where they’ll experience encouragement.
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Key Ministry Presentations on Slideshare

I’ve established a page on Slideshare to house Power Point presentations I’ve done for Key Ministry, and eventually, presentations for professional conferences. You can access the presentations I’ve posted by clicking here. Continue reading

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The Gifts I’d Like to Give…Camaraderie

We’re intentional in seeking opportunities for all of our key leaders to “shine.” Providing “platform time” for each of our team members at major conferences and proactively seeking out opportunities for every person to use his or her gifts and talents to optimal effect helps promote the culture of trust necessary to promote camaraderie and helps to make our team far stronger. In my day job, the best teaching and research centers have multiple thought leaders who are recognized for their unique areas of expertise. Why should ministry be different? Imagine what our churches would look like if they truly tapped into the gifts and talents of their people and provided them with opportunities to put their gifts on display?
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Entrepreneurs for Christ…Key Ministry Birthday Wishes

I’m honored that Key Ministry is part of the Kingdom legacy of the people, past and present, of BPC. My hope is that we’ll still be around at Christ’s return, serving to extend the work He performed within the walls of Bay Pres by helping other churches everywhere minister to families of kids with disabilities.
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The Gifts I’d Like to Give…Affirmation

Jesus gives us the power to change the world. His followers who believe in His promises to the point they’re crazy enough to try will be the ones He’ll use to change the world. Our team will seek to affirm them. Continue reading

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Key Ministry in Pictures…2011

Our Key Ministry team had quite a year in 2011. Here are some of the highlights… Continue reading

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The Gifts I’d Like To Give…Opportunity

God never wastes a hurt. I’m sure there’s a reason for my discomfort. I’m pondering the steps I might take personally and the steps our ministry team might take to model the change we desire to see in the year ahead. I thought I’d finish out the year through a series of blog posts touching on gifts that our team can “pay forward” to the churches and leaders we serve, so they in turn can help the families they serve to have an experience of church similar to mine. The first gift I’d like to touch on is the gift of opportunity.
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DVDs Available From Inclusion Fusion

Our friends at Pajama Conference (our partners and hosts for Inclusion Fusion) are making available a complete set of DVDs capturing all of the presentations from this year’s Special Needs Ministry Web Summit.

The 8-DVD set will be available for shipping on Thursday, December 15th for the very modest price of $49. This is an excellent gift to a church interested in starting or growing a ministry to persons with special needs, and will also be cherished by family members with a loved one experiencing a significant disability.
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Building the Foundation for a Very Big House

Looking ahead to 2012, our team’s primary strategic initiative the systems and people and funding in place to allow us to offer training, consultation, resources and support to churches throughout the U.S. and beyond with a relational presence. Christianity is about relationships as opposed to religion…and ultimately about our relationship with our Heavenly Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. We want churches undertaking ministry to families of kids with disabilities to have a person (or people) in their area who they can turn to for help and support…someone they can build a relationship with as they connect with and build relationships with families attracted by their ministry.
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Blessed to be a Blessing

Our Key Ministry staff and volunteer team has been richly blessed in 2011…more than we could have dared to ask or imagine!

Katie put together some statistics through early November in an effort to quantify the reach of our ministry efforts this past year…
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