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Why are we shocked by the Bay Village “Ice Bucket Challenge?”

The behavior demonstrated by the perpetrators of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” reflects our human nature. Christianity teaches that none of us are righteous! What type of behavior should we expect to see, especially in a culture in which more and more of us reject God, and fail to recognize any absolute standards of right and wrong? Many of the risk factors associated with bullying are symptomatic of the breakdown of the family unit as the fundamental building block of society. This is just the beginning… Continue reading

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What about the families without a church to welcome their child?

I promised to follow up on the most frequent complaint we received…that churches we serve weren’t available locally to those who responded to our survey. Here’s how we plan to respond… Continue reading

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A look at who we serve…

Having a family member with special needs affects church attendance in the following ways: 46% have troubles attending church; 28% don’t attend or have given up attending; 11% of families attend services separately, with one parent staying home to manage the child while the other heads to church; 15% said they had no troubles with church attendance. Continue reading

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Back to school…Libby Peterson

Some of the best preparation we can give our kids for the new school year might be…not new clothes, but a renewed sense of self as we remind them that they are chosen by the God of the Universe to belong to HIM, clothed in righteousness, and that God loves them no matter what! Continue reading

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Final Call for Speakers…Inclusion Fusion 2014

We’re getting close to the deadline for submissions…pastors, ministry leaders, professionals or family members who wish to be part of our faculty. We need completed submissions by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Monday, September 7th. Continue reading

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