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Fitting in at church…by Anonymous

I do not even know how to approach joining a church now since it is so evident that no one at my old church in my old city wants anything to do with me. For all the talk on forgiveness, I am apparently too eccentric and egocentric to be forgiven and to be accepted. Moreover, if not even loving Christians can put up with me, the rest of the world seems scary. Continue reading

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My Weekly Reader…September 27, 2014

Melissa Edge shares an incredible story of how God was unmistakably at work through her suffering in the aftermath of losing her husband. What do we do with our lives In the Meantime as we’re experiencing grief.
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Focus on the Family, Lifeway avoid the tough questions about mental illness…

Here’s my most significant criticism of this survey…they didn’t ask the right questions! Continue reading

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How my daughter taught me about friendship…Jonathan Holmes

Reflecting back, I’m so thankful for my daughter’s kind heart and gracious outreach. Hannah’s mom told me that day not many kids reach out to her because she has disabilities. In that moment, I realized how simple, yet profound friendship can be in the life of a child. It can brighten one’s day, put a smile on one’s face and in the best of ways it can soften shame, alleviate stigma and lift spirits. Continue reading

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My Weekly Reader…September 19, 2014

Overwhelmed by all the information coming at you? In this week’s Weekly Reader, I’ll share some features that caught my eye over the last week from Ellen Stumbo, Jeff Davidson and Barb Dittrich. Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson, Christians and corporal punishment…

Do we as a Christian community want to allow the issue of whether corporal punishment is required by Scripture to define us when the potential exists for the issue to become a stumbling block to others who might be considering the claims of Christ? Continue reading

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A child psychiatrist’s discomfort with the Adrian Peterson case

If we’re establishing a standard that parents implicated in situations like the Peterson case are going to be deprived of their livelihoods and due process rights, society will be creating a tremendous disincentive for those experiencing domestic violence to seek professional (or in many locations, spiritual) help, because all states have mandatory reporting requirements for professionals, and in 27 states, the legal mandate to report extends to clergy. Continue reading

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Updated…How are kids and teens with ADHD different?

Dr. Barkley’s theories suggest that ADHD is a disorder not only of attention, but of executive functioning as well. Executive functioning describes a set of cognitive abilities involved in controlling and regulating other abilities and behaviors. Such functions are necessary in initiating goal-directed behavior, suppressing impulses arising from lower brain centers, and planning future behavior.
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Church: The Friendliest Place in Town? Mike Woods

the potential exists for the church to be considered by the special needs community as a group that is judgmental, fearful, and exclusive. As a result, it is often perceived as the un-friendliest place in town. Continue reading

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My Weekly Reader…September 12, 2014

Each Friday, I’ll summarize articles and resources of special interest from my perspective as a physician serving kids and families impacted by mental illness, trauma and developmental disabilities who also inhabits the world of disability ministry. Continue reading

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