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Does love heal all wounds from childhood trauma?

In other words, church, we have a great opportunity to love those affected by trauma! The need is great. Kids are hurting. Adults are too. Families are struggling. And the first step in being able to help is understanding the need. Jesus met people where they were, and so can we. Continue reading

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Jay Adams and the foundations of a movement…

It’s important for our readers to understand how central Adams has been in impacting how pastors from evangelical and reformed traditions think about mental illness and pastoral counseling. Continue reading

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“Downtown Nate” and a school that “gets” inclusion

The administration and students of Louisville High School found a spectacular way to demonstrate Nate’s value to the community this past week. Continue reading

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The evangelical understanding of mental illness…How Freud, Skinner, Rogers and Ellis led to Jay Adams

We’re beginning a series today on the theme Sin, Mental Illness and the Church. This study will be accompanied by a more in-depth, optional online study group (you may register here) including Bible reading/study and supplemental media to enlighten participants as … Continue reading

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Mental Illness: Too Scared to Share – why most Christians won’t talk About “IT”…Mitzi Van Cleve

I sat completely mute and stunned when mental illness was included in a list of “sins” for which restoration through repentance were possible. Continue reading

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The “missing” Inclusion Fusion presentation…and more!

Our friends at Insight for Living put together a fabulous discussion between Chuck Swindoll, his daughter Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and Steve Fischer entitled Transforming the Soul-What We Didn’t Learn in Seminary. Continue reading

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Steve AND Shannon will be presenting at #GlobalAccess2015

Shannon will be leading a workshop on The Special Needs of Foster and Adoptive Families and leading a roundtable discussion on What are some practical implications of the verse “Blessed are the nations whose God is the Lord?”
Continue reading

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Please don’t say “all kids do that” to adoptive and foster families…

But when foster or adoptive parents like me hear that, it feels dismissive to the real grief, pain, and trauma our kids have experienced and how that history still influences their actions today. Usually when someone tells another parent “all kids do that,” the words are meant to be helpful, to soothe our nerves or encourage us in the midst of a hard parenting moment. But that’s not what your words do. Instead those words invalidate what we know to be true and minimize the extra layer of thinking that parenting kids from hard places requires. Continue reading

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The elephant in the living room…Sin, mental illness and the church

We appear to be far more interested in (and comfortable with) outreach to kids, teens and adults who we view as having little or no moral culpability for their disabilities. Continue reading

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HIV and other blood-borne pathogens in children’s ministry…Shannon Dingle

So what should you do if there’s a child with HIV in your church? The same thing you should do otherwise: use best practices for first aid and show love to the child and parents. Continue reading

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