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The obligation of church leaders who promote adoption

I’d like to challenge church leaders to assume responsibility for supporting their families when they pursue adoption ministry. Continue reading

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Why disability history strengthens my pro-life beliefs

We say we’re pro-life but our history concerned people with disabilities – both in the church and outside – says that maybe we aren’t. Maybe we value lives differently depending on what quantifiable contribution the person can make to society. Maybe we don’t want to talk about this because it hurts to acknowledge our hypocrisy. Maybe it’s easier for us to shout about the indignities against life seen in those videos than to admit the indignities against life when we use ability and disability as a measure of who is welcome and accommodated in our places of worship.
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I signed a contract with a literary agent…

I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to connect with a group of people to come alongside our ministry as we pursue the unique work God’s given us to do. Continue reading

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