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Are some lives more valuable than others? Seniors, the disabled and the terminally ill

Are all lives equally valuable? Continue reading

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Are we “pro-family” to families from the church?

Surely the church can do more to support the caregivers in our midst. We shouldn’t have to wait for the government to take care of our own. Continue reading

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Subversive for the Kingdom in post-Christian America

We celebrate today the birth of a country founded 240 years ago by men willing to subvert the “old order” of doing things. America evolved into a republic in which individual rights…in particular, freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom … Continue reading

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Should adoption be the church’s response to abortion?

Adoption should be our response to a child in need of a family. Meanwhile, support in a variety of forms should be our response to a pregnant woman in need. Let’s not confuse the two. Continue reading

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Why disability history strengthens my pro-life beliefs

We say we’re pro-life but our history concerned people with disabilities – both in the church and outside – says that maybe we aren’t. Maybe we value lives differently depending on what quantifiable contribution the person can make to society. Maybe we don’t want to talk about this because it hurts to acknowledge our hypocrisy. Maybe it’s easier for us to shout about the indignities against life seen in those videos than to admit the indignities against life when we use ability and disability as a measure of who is welcome and accommodated in our places of worship.
Continue reading

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If we value life, we don’t get to choose which lives we value

I also am saddened by the treatment of those considering abortion or those who have had one or more abortions by those who claim faith. Often, that faith perspective only offers judgment and proclamation of sin with little to no grace or mercy. Continue reading

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The Pope’s stop was a pro-life gesture

I want to make the distinction that I am pro-life like the Pope is pro-life – every stage of development, from womb to the tomb. Continue reading

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What happens when the Christians are driven out of medicine?

Consider the consequences when requirements imposed upon physicians to assist patients requesting help in committing suicide become incompatible with an understanding of the sanctity of life as understood from traditional Biblical teaching and principles… Continue reading

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One Family’s Story: Rebecca and Jaime Adam

I needed so desperately to hear from the church that these children were a gift, wonderfully designed by God and that it wasn’t my fault. Continue reading

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