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Disability ministry will become essential to the church’s witness in the 2020s

Dr. Grcevich will explore the forces that will propel ministry with the vulnerable – highlighted by ministry with persons with disabilities – to the forefront of the church’s public witness. Continue reading

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Living in a manner that honors Christ’s reputation

So…if we’re wrestling with a business challenge or providing a service or advocating for a specific candidate or cause, the question on the table is this – will this action reflect well upon the reputation of the One I claim to serve in front of a hostile world? Continue reading

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Could ADHD be a blessing to some Christians?

Is it possible that in God’s Kingdom, a condition that causes as much difficulty in day to day functioning as ADHD might actually provide one of His followers with an advantage? Let’s look at how having ADHD might be of benefit to a Christian.
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Inviting our friends and neighbors to the party…

Is it wrong when we choose to withhold Jesus from the people whose paths we cross? Continue reading

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Mobilize the people…

Most of your attendees will know at least one person impacted by mental illness lacking a meaningful connection to a local church. Empowering them to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” can have a powerful impact in your local community. Continue reading

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Leading a spiritually disciplined life as a person with ADHD…

If God wanted cookie-cutter Christians, that’s what He would have made. We have a palette of spiritual disciplines because we won’t all grow closer to God in exactly the same way. Continue reading

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Online Church for families impacted by disability…TODAY at 1:00 Eastern

UPDATE: Nils Smith will be joining us at 1:00 PM Eastern and 9:00 PM Eastern for an interactive chat! Continue reading

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Key Strategy #6…Leveraging technology to maximize our impact

The greatest obstacle we face in sharing the Gospel with kids with disabilities and their families rests in the challenges presented by the environments in which we worship and do much of what we refer to as “ministry.” Our newfound ability to connect with people anywhere, at any time provides us with a tool to bridge the barriers that currently exist at church for kids who process sensory information differently, evaluate risk differently and maintain self control differently than kids considered more “typical.” Continue reading

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Cara Daily…Do I have to have surgery to open my heart to Jesus?

Cara’s presentation for Inclusion Fusion 2012 will be Do I Have to Have Surgery to Open My Heart to Jesus? In her interview, Cara will discuss how to present the Gospel to children with autism. Continue reading

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