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When prayers for healing go unanswered…

“The faith formula for healing…if you have enough faith, you’ll be healed…is absolutely wrong.” Continue reading

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Coming forward

Prayer for healing often needs to be repeated and sustained over an extended period of time. Continue reading

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Spiritual growth in kids…what does the research say?

What steps would I take as a parent if I want to increase the likelihood that my kids are going to grow up to be mature Christians, actively engaged in a local church and using their gifts and talents in serving others? Continue reading

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Online community…component of a mental health inclusion strategy?

We’re convinced that online ministry offers the potential for contributing to an effective mental health ministry strategy where very few strategies exist. Here’s why… Continue reading

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Leading a spiritually disciplined life as a person with ADHD…

If God wanted cookie-cutter Christians, that’s what He would have made. We have a palette of spiritual disciplines because we won’t all grow closer to God in exactly the same way. Continue reading

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The unchurched…Churches don’t welcome people with mental illness

We likely have a minimum of 25 million adults with mental illness who don’t attend church. If the majority of those 25 million adults believe they won’t be welcomed at church, WE HAVE A REALLY BIG PROBLEM.
Continue reading

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Appreciate your prayers today…

I’d ask you pray for God to give our Board wisdom and discernment in determining the best stewardship of the time and talents of our people, and for God to be at work in strengthening and protecting our relationships with one another and our relationships with like-minded leaders outside of our team Continue reading

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Rhett Smith…The Anxious Christian-Part One

Rhett Smith, author of the new book, The Anxious Christian: Can God Use Your Anxiety for Good?, begins his guest interview by discussing strategies and approaches with people who experience anxiety and attribute their symptoms to a lack of faith or a failure to practice their faith with diligence. Continue reading

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Are Churches Blind to Mental Illness?

The most obvious take-home points from the study seemed to be that families in which someone was struggling with a mental illness were very desirous of support from their local churches, but members not exposed to mental health issues were basically oblivious to their needs and the presence of mental illness appears to be an impediment to church attendance and regular prayer. Continue reading

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