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Janet Parshall…Disability Ministry Champion

Janet’s long history of advocacy for persons with disabilities isn’t the only reason why I wanted her to have the opportunity to attend our conference and connect with the leaders and speakers in attendance. I knew Janet could speak into disability issues from the perspective of someone who has been there and done that. Continue reading

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Are you ready to help?

We’re honored that 64 churches in 24 states with identified disability ministries have chosen to partner with us to launch Key for Families by registering with our church network and expressing a willingness to welcome families in need of a church who access our online platforms. Continue reading

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A community for families impacted by mental illness

We’ve established a place for families of kids and young adults with common mental health conditions to find encouragement, resources and support from a decidedly Christian perspective. Continue reading

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We’re looking for churches to welcome families impacted by disability. HUNDREDS of churches…

We seek to connect families with churches close to where they live. We need LOTS and LOTS of churches willing and prepared to welcome families impacted by disability. And that’s where you come in. Continue reading

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