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Why families think online church is indispensable for disability ministry

If your church is has an online presence and an interest in disability ministry, your online presence needs to be a critical component of your disability ministry strategy.
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How any church can “Make ‘M Smile”

Make ‘M Smile represents a great model for a summertime special event to share God’s love with kids and adults with a broad range of disabilities. Marie Kuck and her team have developed a model for a celebration that churches of all sizes might easily replicate, with each event taking on its own unique flavor from the sponsor, the event venue and the mix of participating disability-related organizations. Continue reading

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What if Mom is depressed?

An argument can be made that it’s very important to get the entire family to church if any member of that family is affected by depression. So, what can the local church or individuals from the local church do to help mom (or dad) and the entire family? Continue reading

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Eight Outreach Events to Target (and Bless) Special-Needs Families

We see special-needs families as an unreached people group we plan to target. And like missionaries, we are taking the “go and engage” approach instead of just “come and see.” Continue reading

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Connecting with the Community: Stepping Outside the Church to Grow Your Ministry

Recently, our church was the first host site for a Guinness World Record attempt for creating the world’s largest fingerprint painting aimed at raising awareness for playgrounds that are accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities.
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We’re looking for churches to welcome families impacted by disability. HUNDREDS of churches…

We seek to connect families with churches close to where they live. We need LOTS and LOTS of churches willing and prepared to welcome families impacted by disability. And that’s where you come in. Continue reading

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Update…Our Front Door online church initiatives…

The Front Door project is an ongoing experiment…exploring a variety of technology applications to help connect families to churches and help churches develop innovative ways of overcoming the barriers that impede families of kids with mental illness, trauma and developmental disabilities…barriers that prevent them from attending worship services and participating in all of the other activities offered by local churches to promote spiritual growth. Sometimes we’ll try stuff that works great…sometimes it doesn’t.
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Church: The Friendliest Place in Town? Mike Woods

the potential exists for the church to be considered by the special needs community as a group that is judgmental, fearful, and exclusive. As a result, it is often perceived as the un-friendliest place in town. Continue reading

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Cleveland rocks!

The Heart of Rock and Roll Prom is a wonderful example of how churches without limitless resources can come together to provide a great experience for individuals with disabilities while promoting awareness of their needs in the communities they serve.
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From outreach ideas to action in three easy steps…Mike Woods

What can you and your special needs ministry do to help people with disabilities in your community achieve their potential and experience God’s good design for their lives? No one special needs ministry (or church) can do everything . . . but each special needs ministry (or church) is called to do something.
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