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The chasm is bigger than I ever imagined…

Parents of kids with mental health conditions are especially prone to be stigmatized at church because of the lingering belief among many in the Christian community that mental illness is a byproduct of sin, kids who struggle with managing emotions and maintaining self-control are the product of parents who are ineffective or indifferent and much of the mental health profession can’t be trusted. Continue reading

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So there’s this kid…Key Ministry’s FREE consultation service

We were of a single mind in affirming that we will offer churches relationships along with resources. Continue reading

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Depression…Definitions matter

The purpose of this series will be to help pastors, church staff, volunteers and Christian parents improve their ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression and children and teens and help them to most effectively support kids with depression and their families. Here’s a tentative outline of some of the topics we’ll be covering in the series… Continue reading

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The Case For Key Ministry

I’d be hard-pressed to recommend a better return on investment for your financial resources dedicated to the work of the Kingdom than an investment in Key Ministry. Continue reading

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No excuses…

One of my primary takeaways from last week’s Inclusion Fusion is the idea that the church no longer has any excuses for not proactively including kids with disabilities and their families into the life of the church. Continue reading

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