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The chasm is bigger than I ever imagined…

Parents of kids with mental health conditions are especially prone to be stigmatized at church because of the lingering belief among many in the Christian community that mental illness is a byproduct of sin, kids who struggle with managing emotions and maintaining self-control are the product of parents who are ineffective or indifferent and much of the mental health profession can’t be trusted. Continue reading

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Drug company marketing ISN’T the cause of the ADHD epidemic

Is the ADHD epidemic really a product of drug company marketing, or is it a result of our culture and our educational system imposing expectations upon a large segment of our child and teen population that they’re not developmentally prepared to meet? Continue reading

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What I learned at the child psychiatry meetings…

I thought I’d share some brief summaries of several studies I found interesting… Continue reading

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Why is trauma more traumatizing for some kids?

Today, we’ll take a look at risk factors for PTSD in kids following a potentially traumatic event… Continue reading

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Are the medications prescribed to kids and teens with mental illness safe?

o…what safety concerns associated with medications approved by the FDA for use in kids should be of greatest importance to parents? I’d suggest there are two big ones…along with considerations associated with specific drugs Continue reading

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What type of evaluation should a child receive before starting medication?

Parents need to feel confident that their child’s physician has truly taken the time to understand the causes of their child’s situation and considered a full range of medical and non-medical alternatives prior to moving forward with a treatment plan that includes prescription medication. Continue reading

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DSM-5: Recognizing the signs of trauma in kids

Most importantly for the sake of our discussion, the symptom thresholds for establishing a diagnosis in children and teens have been changed to take into account differences in the ways that trauma is manifested in kids, and a unique set of diagnostic criteria have been established for identification of PTSD in kids ages six and under.
Continue reading

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Children’s Mental Health Day 2013…a look at the data

I thought I’d keep it simple today and share this graphic for you from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry… Continue reading

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Understanding Depression and Comorbidity in Children and Teens

This is Part Four in our Winter 2013 blog series Understanding Depression in Kids and Teens…A Primer for Pastors, Church Staff and Christian Parents. Today, we’ll look at the phenomena we refer to as “comorbidity”… the propensity for other mental health disorders … Continue reading

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Kids and Depression…What Does the Data Say?

Suicidal thinking and behavior is very common among youth with depression. Approximately 60% of teens diagnosed with depression will experience thoughts of suicide…30% have made one or more suicide attempts. Continue reading

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