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The second best gift

Will you embrace all of the gifts God has given you in the year ahead, including the ability to serve and represent Jesus in extending his love to those who are hurting? Continue reading

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The compelling case for social media in special needs ministry…Barb Dittrich

The question for us became, “If our parents can’t come to us, how can we come to them?” Continue reading

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Surrendering to help…Barb Dittrich

A person can take all the drugs they want, and that won’t magically make their problems disappear. But the medication has been like a ladder to help me climb out of a deep, dark, impossible hole.

I had to humble myself before I could be lifted up. I had to admit my inability to solve this problem on my own.
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The chasm is bigger than I ever imagined…

Parents of kids with mental health conditions are especially prone to be stigmatized at church because of the lingering belief among many in the Christian community that mental illness is a byproduct of sin, kids who struggle with managing emotions and maintaining self-control are the product of parents who are ineffective or indifferent and much of the mental health profession can’t be trusted. Continue reading

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Would your church miss you if you weren’t there? Barb Dittrich

Suffering from “compassion fatigue” or lacking in resources, families are frequently heartbroken when their church does not reach out to them in crisis. Sadly, those who do find an inclusive congregation or one with special needs programming can also be inclined to walk away from the church when they feel ignored in their darkest hours.

Yet, what if we flipped that concept on its head?
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Faces of the Movement…Barb Dittrich

I have been VERY blessed to be mentored by excellent mothers in both the faith community and the special needs community, but never both combined as we are offering in this program. Nevertheless, those mentors were absolute lifelines to me. They were critical in my darkest hours. I have also been blessed to serve as a spiritual mentor to a mom with a son who has special needs. (No coincidence in my opinion.). The mutual edification and significance from that relationship was remarkable.
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Ministries You Should Know…

Today, we’ll encourage you to check out the “Ministries We Like” links in the right sidebar of the blog, and point out several organizations with resources of note… Continue reading

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Cindi and Joe Ferrini…The Unexpected Journey of Relationships

Cindi Ferrini was the special guest last night for SNAPPIN’ Ministries Special Needs Ministry Tweetchat…transcript available here. The discussion topic was Marriage With Special Needs Children. A number of participants had commented on the outstanding presentation Cindi and her husband (Joe) gave for last fall’s Inclusion Fusion on The Unexpected Journey of Relationships…When Special Needs Change Our Course. Here’s the video from Cindi and Joe’s presentation:
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Resources for Churches on Mental Illness

Barb invited me to share some resources that might be of help to church staff, pastors and volunteers who desire to minister more effectively to families impacted by mental illness. Here are five organizations worth checking out… Continue reading

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Inclusion Fusion Speakers…Barb Dittrich

Barb Dittrich is a valued ministry colleague and friend of our team at Key Ministry. She’s been very helpful in her service on our Program Committee for Inclusion Fusion and we’ve been very pleased to see God opening doors for the ministry she leads in Wisconsin (Snappin’ Ministries) as they build Zachariah’s Acres, a Christian respite facility and campus for children with special needs and their families. Barb will be joining us as a speaker for Inclusion Fusion, addressing the topic Bathing In The Healing of Forgiveness.
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