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The chasm is bigger than I ever imagined…

Parents of kids with mental health conditions are especially prone to be stigmatized at church because of the lingering belief among many in the Christian community that mental illness is a byproduct of sin, kids who struggle with managing emotions and maintaining self-control are the product of parents who are ineffective or indifferent and much of the mental health profession can’t be trusted. Continue reading

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The enduring effects of trauma and abuse in childhood

Christians…and the church can have an enormous impact through helping children to grow up in loving and supportive homes that offer protection (to the degree possible) from toxic stress. Continue reading

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Why is trauma more traumatizing for some kids?

Today, we’ll take a look at risk factors for PTSD in kids following a potentially traumatic event… Continue reading

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When should we question if our child is getting the right treatment?

There’s an opportunity cost to ineffective treatment. If treatment is not helping, it’s probably hurting…if it’s preventing your child from having access to a more effective treatment.
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How long will my child need medication?

We’d like to think that medication can be a temporary tool to help kids through a rough patch of development. Sometimes that’s true. Sometimes it’s not. Continue reading

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Why does it seem so many kids are on medication?

Should we be surprised so many kids are prescribed medication given what we know about the design of our mental health care delivery systems, our expectations for academic performance, the breakdown of so many families and the values of our culture? I think not. Continue reading

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Ten Questions About Kids and Medication Lecture CANCELED. Here’s the alternate plan…

Since there was lots of interest in the topic of frequently asked questions about kids and medication , I’ll cover each of the questions I’d planned to address during the lecture in a blog series we’ll run through July, following our current series on the changes in diagnostic criteria included in the DSM-5. Continue reading

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Upcoming Presentation…Ten Questions Parents Often Ask About Kids and Medication

Here are the questions related to kids and medication I’m planning to discuss…
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How Money Influences Children’s Mental Health Care…The 15 Minute Medication Visit

Today’s post looking at financial practices influencing children’s mental health care is the second in a series on Hot Topics in Children’s Mental Health we’re offering in recognition of Mental Health Month, National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (May 6-12), … Continue reading

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The Shootings in Chardon

We as parents are doing a very poor job of raising kids whose actions reflect the values we profess to hold and demonstrate the resilience to navigate a hostile culture. Continue reading

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