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What if the church destroyed the foster care system as we know it?

If one family from every three churches committed to adopt one child and those three churches committed to support that family, there wouldn’t be children waiting to be adopted in foster care. Continue reading

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A great training opportunity for our friends in the Midwest…

We’re delighted that Ryan Wolfe will be joining Joni Eareckson Tada, Steve Bundy and the crew from Joni and Friends for their Hope in the Midst of Suffering Conference at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN. Continue reading

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What happens when the Christians are driven out of medicine?

Consider the consequences when requirements imposed upon physicians to assist patients requesting help in committing suicide become incompatible with an understanding of the sanctity of life as understood from traditional Biblical teaching and principles… Continue reading

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Simply the right thing to do…

Can we still call ourselves churches if we don’t care enough about others to consider their lives and their needs? Or would it be more accurate to paint over “church” and replace it with “country club” or “social group” instead? Continue reading

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What Causes PTSD in Children?

The good news is that most children don’t develop PTSD after experiencing traumatic events. Research is being conducted to discover why some children are more resilient than others. But mental health care professionals already know some factors exist that increase the risk of developing PTSD. Continue reading

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What if church leaders shouldn’t be church leaders?

If it’s tragic that a kid will needlessly suffer for months or years because they or their family had a suboptimal interaction with a mental health professional, how much greater is the tragedy when a kid or family has an negative experience with a representative of the church with eternal consequences? Continue reading

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Four advantages to family ministry when families are impacted by disability

When serving kids with disabilities, the church needs to rely on experts with the most understanding and experience of a child’s learning, communication styles and relationships…their parents! Continue reading

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3 helpful responses when countries close international adoption

So how should we, as the church, respond when countries close to international adoption? Continue reading

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Ten Common Myths Surrounding PTSD in Children

This post looks at what childhood trauma is not by providing a brief look at 10 common myths surrounding PTSD in children. Continue reading

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Childhood trauma, by any other name is still traumatic

I created three questions and answers to assist parents like me–and perhaps like you–who want to better understand children who live with trauma. Continue reading

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