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On Ashley Madison, Christians, and sloppy statistics

When we present numbers as facts without even checking to see if they’re legit, we’re saying that making a point matters more to us than telling the truth.
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5 Practical Tips for Young Adults with Autism Seeking Employment…Ron Sandison

Twenty-six million Americans with disabilities are of working age. Every year an additional 50,000 young adults with autism diligently search and struggle for employment. Many of these young adults experience chronic under-employment and unemployment. These practical tips can empower your child for employment and independence. Continue reading

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Becoming emotionally healthy…

While I’m wrestling with what it means to become a more emotionally healthy leader, I know lots of my colleagues in ministry and lots of parents and family members who follow this blog are wrestling with becoming emotionally healthy in the face of challenges that grow by the day. Continue reading

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Don’t judge us by our “professional” Christians…

They’re killing the “brand” of Christianity with those outside the church.
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How kids with disabilities are challenged when a new program year begins…

As a new school year is beginning here in Northeast Ohio, many kids and families will face a daunting challenge at church.
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The mental health needs of kids in foster care

If 60-85% of kids in foster care have significant mental health conditions, is your church prepared to welcome those kids and teens into your existing children’s and youth ministry programming?
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What about us? A sibling to kids with disabilities shares her needs

I came up with a list of three things parents can do to make sure their kids without special needs feel just as important as their siblings with special needs. Continue reading

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Fall training events from Key Ministry

We want to give our followers a sneak preview of events planned for Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky this coming Fall… Continue reading

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Expert tips on teaching kids with ADHD…

Why should parents of kids with ADHD bother going through all the hard work and effort to make it to church each week and to worship with others? Continue reading

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Building Strong Families in a Hostile Culture

What can we do NOW to build families capable of serving as fortresses…families that honor God and serve as outposts for the reestablishment of Jesus’ Kingdom in the midst of “enemy territory? Continue reading

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