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For such a time as this… Mental Health and the Church

Does God have a place for you in his movement to transform the way the church loves persons touched by mental illness? Has he positioned you to be an agent of change in your church? Is he calling you to serve people in your community hurting as a result of mental illness? Has he positioned you to come alongside someone with mental illness to help them to overcome challenges that make it hard for them to be part of a worship service, small group or Bible study?  Continue reading

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The rising tide of mental health ministry in the church

Dr. G takes a closer look at ministry resources offered by Fresh Hope, shares an amazing testimony from Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and a video describing Key Ministry’s model for mental health inclusion ministry. Continue reading

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What if church leaders shouldn’t be church leaders?

If it’s tragic that a kid will needlessly suffer for months or years because they or their family had a suboptimal interaction with a mental health professional, how much greater is the tragedy when a kid or family has an negative experience with a representative of the church with eternal consequences? Continue reading

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From @EdStetzer…Is the church guilty of “spiritual abuse” toward the mentally ill?

Many in the church are guilty of spiritual abuse when they communicate to vulnerable people searching for help their certainty that the reason for their distress is insufficient faith or moral failure. They fail to recognize the complexity of the interrelationship between our minds, bodies and spirits, and much like Job’s friends in the Old Testament, exacerbate pain and suffering by misrepresenting God’s grace and God’s character.
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Focus on the Family, Lifeway avoid the tough questions about mental illness…

Here’s my most significant criticism of this survey…they didn’t ask the right questions! Continue reading

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Sin, mental illness and disability ministry

Is it possible that the historical exclusion of kids and adults with mental illness from “disability ministry” stems from the view held by many church leaders and attendees that much of what we classify as mental illness is a byproduct of either sin problems or a lack of faith? Continue reading

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Ed Stetzer is dead-on about mental illness and Christians…now what?

Sadly, I can’t help but conclude that in our desire as church to avoid the influence of anti-Biblical worldviews foundational to some treatment orientations employed in the mental health community and worldviews held by the vast preponderance of mental health practitioners…we’ve forgotten to love the people experiencing mental illness and contributed to needless suffering by millions of Christ followers and their families.
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The unchurched…Churches don’t welcome people with mental illness

We likely have a minimum of 25 million adults with mental illness who don’t attend church. If the majority of those 25 million adults believe they won’t be welcomed at church, WE HAVE A REALLY BIG PROBLEM.
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What Helps Kids Grow Spiritually? A Look at the Data

What did all of these studies have in common, and what would I want to focus on as a parent if I want to increase the likelihood that my kids are going to grow up to be mature Christians, actively engaged in a local church and using their gifts and talents in serving others?

I’d want to pray regularly with my kids, and have them see my wife and I praying regularly.
I’d want my kids to see my wife and I studying the Bible regularly, and initiate spiritual conversations with them on a regular basis about applying Biblical teachings in day to day life.
I’d want to pursue opportunities to serve other people as a family through my church.
I’d want to make sure my kids saw my wife and I going to church every week, and encourage them to participate in the ministry offered at church for kids in their age group. I’d also encourage them in forming relationships with pastors or youth leaders outside of our home who will support and reinforce the values we’re trying to foster in our kids. Continue reading

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