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Is the sexual revolution driving our kids to suicide?

Teens who voluntarily engage in sexual activity or are victims of sexual violence are far more likely to experience suicidal thinking or behavior than their peers. Continue reading

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Commentary…CDC reports 20% of high school boys diagnosed with ADHD

The study also reports that 15% of boys have been diagnosed with ADHD, and that nearly 20% of high school boys (along with 10% of high school girls) have received an ADHD diagnosis and one in every ten high school boys currently takes medication for ADHD. Continue reading

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CDC: One in Six U.S. Children Have Developmental Disabilities

If this is true of society at large, how much more true should it be of the church? While churches don’t necessarily need to create “programs” to address the spiritual growth of kids with developmental disabilities, the church certainly needs to devote time and energy to acquiring the resources to lend support to parents of kids with developmental disabilities as they function in their role as primary faith trainers of their children. Continue reading

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