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If a kid has mental illness, who will invite their family to church?

It’s hard for families to be invited to church when they don’t know anyone who regularly attends church. Continue reading

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Why would they want to come to church?

What would draw a family to church for whom church wasn’t part of their upbringing… especially when they have to overcome the complications of attending church with a child with a disability? Continue reading

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Mike Woods: So I Send You…Missional Special Needs Ministry

The first phase of a missional special needs ministry must be a willingness for us to move out—to simply make a decision to go to the people that we want to serve, wherever that might be. For most of us, what is required to engage in missional special needs ministry is to rely on the Holy Spirit to give us the desire to reach out to others, to take a risk and get involved in what God is already doing in our disability communities. Continue reading

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Chairman’s Choices-Inclusion Fusion Day Four…Being Missional

I’ll jump right in to my viewing recommendations for today, with an emphasis on developing relationships with families of kids with disabilities who aren’t currently a part of our churches… Continue reading

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