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Key Ministry Fall Preview…

it’s time to begin a new ministry year. Our crew at Key Ministry has been hard at work making preparations. Here’s what we have in store for you this Fall… Continue reading

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Key Ministry is coming to Nashville!

Our J.A.M. sessions are regional trainings designed for children’s pastors, student pastors, church leaders and key volunteers. This J.A.M. session will provide participants with an intensive, one-day training experience that will prepare them to lead ministry to kids with “hidden disabilities” in their churches. Continue reading

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Strategies For Promoting Spiritual Growth in Kids With Asperger’s Disorder

Today, we’ll look at potential strategies for promoting spiritual growth in kids with Asperger’s and speculate about ways in which the condition might provide advantages to a Christ-follower.
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Tips for Church Staff and Volunteers Serving Kids With Asperger’s Disorder

We’ve looked at some of the common characteristics of kids with Asperger’s Disorder along with the impediments they face to spiritual growth and the obstacles parents of kids with the condition face when attempting to “do church.” Today, we’ll get very practical and explore some helpful hints for church staff and volunteers involved in serving kids with Asperger’s. Continue reading

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Extra Day, Extra Dollar

We were led to celebrate leap year with our first, one-day microgifting campaign… We’re calling the campaign “Extra Day, Extra Dollar.” We understand money is tight. We also recognize that many of the children and families who benefit from the resources we offer to churches don’t have extra money to contribute. But we want everyone to be able to contribute something to the work of Key Ministry, understanding that giving is an act of worship. Small contributions make a big difference. Continue reading

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Key Ministry in Pictures…2011

Our Key Ministry team had quite a year in 2011. Here are some of the highlights… Continue reading

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Blessed to be a Blessing

Our Key Ministry staff and volunteer team has been richly blessed in 2011…more than we could have dared to ask or imagine!

Katie put together some statistics through early November in an effort to quantify the reach of our ministry efforts this past year…
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Beyond Zero Tolerance…Key Ministry Fall Preview

The focus of our Fall blog series will be on helping churches safely and effectively welcome, serve and include families of kids at risk of aggressive behavior. In the series Beyond Zero Tolerance, we’ll examine

Why kids may manifest maladaptive aggression
Conditions frequently associated with aggressive behavior
Times and environments at church when kids most likely to experience difficulty controlling aggressive behavior
Strategies for managing the risk for aggressive behavior in kids with autism and other developmental disabilities, mood disorders, ADHD and anxiety
Strategies for effective collaboration between church staff, volunteers and parents of kids at risk for aggressive behavior
Tips for church staff and volunteers to help reduce risk of aggressive behavior
Interventions when kids behave aggressively at church
Processing critical incidents with staff, volunteers and parents
What to do when the risk of aggressive behavior precludes kids from attending church
Continue reading

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JAM Session Rewind

I’ve had the opportunity to present at major international medical conferences, as well as regional and national ministry conferences. I’ll personally attest to the quality of the training and resources distributed during the JAM Session in Cincinnati and the JAM Sessions to come. Not only will you receive the opportunity to interact with some top-flight people, but you’ll benefit from the ongoing relationships you’ll develop with our trainers and your fellow participants. Continue reading

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Amanda Mooney…Newest Member of Key Ministry’s “Travel Team”

Key Ministry has been blessed with an extraordinary team of staff and volunteers who come with a remarkable depth of experience in serving kids with the most complex disabilities and their families in both the church world and the secular world and a passion that they would all experience the love of Christ through the ministry of a local church. We’re proud to announce the newest member of our travel team, making her debut on the road at Key Ministry’s inaugural JAM Session tomorrow in Cincinnati…Amanda Mooney. Continue reading

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