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Are some lives more valuable than others? Seniors, the disabled and the terminally ill

Are all lives equally valuable? Continue reading

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Disability Inclusion on Mission Trips

A mission trip planned by and for people with disabilities was exactly what we were hoping for as we were making our philosophical switch. Note that it was not something anyone from my leadership team came up with. It was an idea that was birthed by God through our friend Nick. Continue reading

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When Our “Can’t” Overwhelms Our “Can”…Mike Dobes

Why are the very overseers of the Church reluctant to bring the Gospel to all people, regardless of their disability? In truth, we are all disabled… some of us just hide our disabilities better than others. How do we keep missing an entire people group that is waiting to be heard, loved, accepted and embraced as they are? Continue reading

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A place like no other…Tracy Terrill

SC is a postsecondary school designed for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. It is one of a kind – a place like no other. Continue reading

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What does “executive functioning” have to do with kids and church?

Through identifying the other challenges executive functioning weaknesses present to a person’s ability to maintain an ongoing pattern of involvement with a local church, we hope to assist leaders in designing ministry environments and developing supports to welcome kids and families who were “unsuccessful” in previous experiences of church and strengthen their connection to the local church once they become attenders. Continue reading

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When kids with developmental disabilities experience trauma…

So…what are some things we might suggest to parents of kids with disabilities seeking to protect their children from becoming victimized…or seeking to help their children after traumatic experiences have occurred? Continue reading

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Nella Uitvlugt…a tribute

Because so many leaders are new to the disability ministry movement and never had the opportunity to learn from Nella, I thought the best way to honor her contributions to the field would be to share the video of her presentation from this past November’s Inclusion Fusion. Continue reading

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Faces of the Movement…Nella Uitvlugt from Friendship Ministries

Churches need to plan for ministry to adults with intellectual disabilities. In Nella’s talk, viewers will learn how church members can walk alongside adults with intellectual disabilities, creating an environment of mutual growth in their faith journey together. Continue reading

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