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Don’t tell me your church’s theology is sound if my family isn’t welcome…Shannon Dingle

I wouldn’t expect any new church to be fully equipped with how to support our family if we wanted to join. But I would expect, hope, wish, pray that they would be willing to love us enough to try to learn. Continue reading

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One God, One Hope, One Body…March 28 #oneconference328

Some of our friends are putting on a very cool conference spanning three cities and two states on Saturday, March 28th that we encourage our friends in the Southwest to attend. Continue reading

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Lorna Bradley…Special Needs Parenting: From Coping to Thriving

Throughout the years I have seen healing of deeply held emotional and spiritual wounds through coming together in a supportive, welcoming Christian community and working through our challenges together. Continue reading

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Are you less likely to be referred to a psychiatrist if your physician is a Christian?

Historic tensions between religion and psychiatry continue to shape the care that patients receive for mental health concerns. Continue reading

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The Drop Box: Opening TODAY and showing March 3, 4, and 5 nationwide

It’s a worldwide heart issue! No parent should feel like their only option is to discard a child, and no child should be treated as anything less than deeply valuable. Continue reading

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What if medication is a tool that helps us resist sin?

Could we argue that medication (or other treatment) that enhances our ability to avoid sin or to do good might be a useful tool for the individual Christian? Further, could we argue that the decision to take medication under such circumstances is God-honoring? Continue reading

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