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A Game of Chess With No Winners…Mike Pitts

We need information that will help us include, celebrate, and minister to your teen’s uniqueness. We don’t want to label your student or give them an IEP at church. We are the church-not the public school. We want to make them feel wanted and included. Continue reading

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Amy Simpson Interview

The church is the first place many people go when they’re looking for help of all kinds, including treatment for mental illness. Among people who have sought treatment, 25 percent have gone first to a member of the clergy. This is a higher percentage than those who have gone to psychiatrists, general medical doctors, or anyone else. Unfortunately, many church leaders are ill-equipped to help people get the care they need. Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Matthew Stanford

As a person of faith and a psychologist I have often been pulled aside by fellow believers and asked questions about mental health issues or told of negative interactions between those struggling with mental illness and the church. That led me to begin taking seriously the interaction between those with mental illness and the local church. I came to Baylor in 2003 to specifically begin a line of research in the area in an attempt gain understanding and educate the church.
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Saddleback’s Gathering on Mental Illness and the Church to be available online…

The Gathering will be streamed live by the folks from Saddleback so that church leaders, advocates and family members everywhere can participate. Continue reading

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Why are so many parents open to ADHD medication for their kids?

The end result is that the consequences of a lack of success in our educational system can be dire, and if we conceptualize kids having to pass through an ever-increasing number of “round holes” in our schools, the desperation of parents to get their “square peg” through those round holes is mounting. The end result is that parents pursue medication, tutoring, alternative schools and other approaches for their kids who struggle academically because they fear the long-term consequences associated with academic underachievement. Continue reading

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A success story from one of our colleagues…

During the Praise and worship service, one of the young ladies looked at me with tears coming down her face…during her favorite song. I talked with her for a minute and then got on my knees and prayed with her. She accepted Christ. Continue reading

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An unexpected plot twist…”Movie with Max”

“I had a lot of parents, hundreds of parents that contacted me and said thank you for sharing this story, because this happens in my family, it happens in the community, it might look different but it even happens in our church that we can’t find our way in and people feel like you’re disrupting us.” Continue reading

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Components of a ministry strategy for including kids with mental illness at church

We look at the components of an effective ministry strategy for outreach and inclusion of children and teens with mental health concerns at church. Continue reading

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Emily Colson to keynote Northeast Ohio disability ministry event…

Please join us in welcoming Emily, Deb, Laura and all the speakers scheduled for the disability ministry training event at Hope Community Church on Saturday, March 29th. Continue reading

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Now that I’m the parent of an adult…

It would be difficult for me to be more proud of the person Leah has grown up to be. She has an incredible work ethic. She’s maintained commitments to her dance team, her Science Olympiad team, her music, her volunteer work, her work at Cleveland Clinic , and hopefully…her twelfth and final season on her summer swim team. She’s never backed down from any academic challenges. Her accomplishments through high school are more substantial than mine were at her age.
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